Tents and Canopies


Frame Tent, Hexagon Tent, Pole Tent and Century Tent

There are several different types of tents. Some have interior and perimeter poles with ropes to hold the structure in place. Other tents are a freestanding frame with a top is placed over the frame and ropes to hold it in. Visit our Party Tent Rental page for more information on tent rentals.

Frame Tent Rental - Professionally installed tents that have an aluminum frame and can be secured with stakes. There is no center pole in this tent.

Hexagon Tent Rental - Heavy duty tents supported by poles in the center and an impressive hexagon shape.

Pole Tent Rental - A heavy duty tents supported by poles in the center of the tent. Ropes and stakes are used around the perimeter. Pole tents are professionally.

Century Tent Rental - High peak tents and extremely durable for all weather conditions. Century tents are professionally.

Structure Tent Rental - The largest rental tents, most durable and have the ability to withstand strong winds and inclement weather.