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Stage Rental and Stage Cover Rentals

Salinas Rental has indoor and outdoor stage rentals available for festivals, music concerts, and other events. Our outdoor stages can be installed in various sizes and heights. Stage covers can be added to help with rainy days.

outdoor stage rentals

Stage rentals and platforms are available at Taylor Rental for graduations, weddings, corporate events and much more. Our stages can be customized to many shapes and sizes, multi levels and are available in various heights, depending on your event. Disability ramps can be added to the stage to provide access and are adjustable and form to any of our indoor or outdoor stags. Taylor Rental will design a stage around your individual special event needs.

With a single set of decks and interchangeable legs of different lengths, we can create just about any portable staging you need. We understand that no two stages, risers, or platforms are set up the same, so please give us a call and we'll help you select the proper stage system for your event, and all within your budget.

Indoor Staging Rental

Salinas Rental offers different types of staging for your indoor staging event. Performance staging is durable and can be formed to any size needed for your special celebration. Our wedding and corporate event stages can be dressed with carpeting, shirting and a backdrop curtain wall made of pipe and drape to compliment your stage.

Our indoor staging can also be configured into rectangular riser setups for audience seating. Do you already have a stage and need it extended for a special performance? Out stage extensions extend the stage with platforms that match the shape and look of your existing stage.

Outdoor Stage Rental

Our outdoor stages can be built to the size needed for your event. Outdoor stages are installed on level terrain and can be covered with a stage roof to protect from rain and sun. Additional accessories can be added to outdoor staging, these include steps, rails, ramps, carpeting and skirting for an attractive presentation.