Outdoor Wedding Reception Tips

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. Outdoor wedding tents are romantic and beautiful. So, why not plan your special day outdoors in a beautiful wedding tent? Here are some helpful tips to consider.


Make your guests comfortable
Having a tent protects your guests from the elements like rain or the hot sun. You may want to add fans or tent sidewalls with heating or cooling to your tent to make the tent more comfortable. Think of little things you can do as well to keep your guests comfortable. Consider having your ushers give out cold water bottles as they seat your guests, or have your program printed on a paper fan.

Have a back up plan
Renting a tent is great for keeping out the sun and a mild drizzle but if you get a big storm, it would be good to be prepared. Renting sidewalls for your tent is a great option to keep out the elements. Tent sidewalls are available to rent  with windows. They look classy and allows for the sunlight, but keeps out the rain. We also rent Structure Tents  which are sturdier and can be enclosed on all sides.

Tent Decorations
Being outdoors can help to ease costs of décor but you may still want to add a finishing touch to create a certain mood. You can add a wedding arch, dramatic lighting, fabric treatments and linens. We also work with wonderful florists for your table decorations.

Contact an experienced caterer
Make sure you find a caterer that has experience doing outdoor events. They will need refrigerators, coolers, chafing dishes and sternos to ensure your food stays fresh. Your caterer may provide these items or you can rent them from Salinas Rental.

Don’t leave your guests parched
Being outdoors in the heat can leave your guests dehydrated, especially if you are serving alcohol. Renting coffee makers, and insulated beverage containers is ideal for coffee, water or lemonade.

Creepy crawlies
Bugs can be an issue in the summer time. Renting sidewalls and having citronella candles or a bug zapper is a good way to ward off those pests. Also consider having a few cans of bug spray around for your guests to use.

Here comes the sun
Consider the time of day of your event. A sunset ceremony is beautiful but remember that you may need to rent lighting and electricity for your tent in order to have your event last into the wee hours. Also remember the temperature may drop in the evening. If your wedding is in the fall or spring we suggest renting sidewalls and heaters to ward off any chill. Also consider which direction the sun will be shining so you can position everything to have the sun at guests’ backs.

Another quick tip is to be sure to find out about permits and rules if you’re having a tent installed at an unfamiliar location. Salinas Rental in Orland Park is glad to answer any other questions you might have about an outdoor tent wedding. Feel free to call us at 708.429.4424 to help you start planning your perfect night under the stars.